Rixstep - Xfile refused me software, told I was "snooty"

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Xfile didn't allow me to purchase software because they had a requirement to use a non-Gmail address, but didn't make that clear in the purchase process and allowed the purchase to go through fine. When I complained, they called me "snooty" and said they were a community and "we don't want anyone like you".

I was shocked at this level of "customer service" and created a blog (xfileisbetterthanyou dot com) where I've posted all of our emails back and forth. If you find this insulting like me, please read the article and Digg it to send them a message that this kind of treatment is unacceptable.


Review about: Software Purchase.



I should have checked this three year old information before attempting to buy from these nutcases.


When I reported and demonstrated a bug in one of his precious pieces of software he insulted me and removed all my posts. His software is now trash on my system and I warn everyone to stay away from that hate-filled site.

Polmadie, Scotland, United Kingdom #27080


Does Xfile, once registered, phone home?

Can the creator turn it off remotely if he decides he doesn't like you later on?

Mount Gilead, Ohio, United States #7161

You're hardly alone.This happened to me when I disagreed with one of his assertions, and he not only cut me off from the software I paid for, but slandered me as well.

Guy has some serious psychological problems.Goggle around and you'll see we're not the only ones.

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